Reason To Buy A Turkey


Reasons Why You Should Buy a  Turkey:

1. Surefire turkey awesomeness.The majority of us only cook turkeys once a year, this absence of practice does not usually do well for our culinary skills come game day.

2. You still get that marvelous turkey aroma throughout your house.   A Chef Point  turkey still needs to be heated in your stove before serving. (Bonus, you could hypothetically fake it for late arriving guest)

3. Sleep in and stay up late for black Friday. With black Friday starting earlier and earlier every year, avoiding sleep deprivation and its side effects can be hard, a little help from your friends at Chef Point could save you mentally.

4. Eases your Thanksgiving-day stress. For several, preparing a big bird all day is stressful. Particularly, when you throw in-laws and extended family into the blend.

5. You can focus on spending quality time with family and friends. It’s nice to have the free time to mingle with your guests without having to worry about that pesky bird in your oven.